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Ankle Pain

ankle pain

Ankle pain is a common condition treated by Dr. Thomas Silver at the Westwood Foot Clinic. The most common cause is from injury typically from an “inversion sprain” in which the ankle rolls inward. Other common causes of ankle pain are chronic straining secondary to a weak or imbalanced foot structure, overuse syndrome, tendonitis and arthritic conditions.

Ankle Injury:

A simple ankle sprain can become a chronic problem if you do not immobilize or rest your ankle after the injury. With more serious sprains there is always the possibility of torn ligaments, bone chips or fracture. Untreated ankle sprains can lead to chronic instability and/or chronic ankle pain.

Initial treatment for an injury involves rest, immobilization, compression and ice (R.I.C.E.). More severe sprains may require up to 8 weeks of immobilization with an ankle brace or cast boot, (which is available in our clinic) and may require non-weight bearing with crutches. X-rays and/or diagnostic ultrasound performed in our clinic or an MRI may be necessary to fully evaluate your injury. More serious injuries such as fractures, bone chips or complete ligament ruptures require more immediate treatment and if Dr. Silver is not able to be take care this then he can refer you to one of his colleagues with specialized training in more complex injuries and trauma.

Dr. Silver sees many student athletes with ankle sprains who are anxious to get back into sports. His advice is that if rest and immobilization is needed then taking the time off of sports initially may prevent you from being out for the rest of the season. According to Dr. Silver “an injury will take time to heal and can only heal so fast…but you don’t want to do anything to make it take any longer!”

Chronic Ankle Strains:

Ankle pain can occur from chronic straining of the ankle often from a weak foot structure that allows the ankles to roll inward when walking or running. Pain in only one ankle may be caused by a difference in leg length that causes the longer side to roll inward or from a severe pronatory deformity (Posterior Tibial Dysfunction). The posterior tibial tendon holds up the inside of the foot and if it becomes stretched or ruptured will cause the one ankle to roll inwards, often with severe pain either in the ankle or in some joint higher up, such as the knee or hip. Dr. Silver can evaluate your ankle pain and determine the best treatment for you. Often a prescription foot orthotic or ankle foot orthotic (AFO) is needed in which we take measurements and impressions in our clinic to be made by a special orthotic lab and then fitted by us.

Overuse Syndrome, Tendonitis and Ankle Arthritis:

Treatment for these conditions may involve changes in activities, shoes, an ankle brace, Rx. foot orthotics, cortisone injections, physical therapy or surgery. As a runner himself, Dr. Silver understands runner’s problems. He works with runners to determine the best shoe type, form, stretches and training program to help them with ankle problems due to overuse or tendonitis.

If you or someone you care about has an ankle problem an appointment for an evaluation with Dr. Silver at the Westwood Foot Clinic in Golden Valley, MN is necessary to determine the best treatment necessary to get you pain-free.

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