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Arthritic Feet

Are you suffering from arthritic pain in your feet or ankles that’s limiting your activities?

arthritic foot care

If so, this can have dramatic effect on your overall health and significantly impact your quality of life. As we all know arthritis is a very common condition. It can occur at any age and is the leading cause of disability in the United States. The word arthritis simply means “joint inflammation”- a catch-all term that covers everything from a stiff joint from injury to severe disabling conditions such as rheumatoid, psoriatic or gouty arthritis. Arthritis can cause swelling, pain, deformity and even loss of function. In feet, arthritic changes often cause pressure areas to develop creating painful corns or calluses. Also a painful joint or spurring around a joint may develop and the ankle joint can become quite deformed and even collapse inwards.

Fortunately there is help for those of you with painful arthritis in your feet. Dr. Tom Silver is an expert at the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis in feet and ankles. If you are experiencing any arthritic foot problems, call our clinic in the Minneapolis area right away for an appointment to be evaluated and treated.


The most common form of arthritis seen in the foot and ankle is osteoarthritis. It is called “wear and tear” arthritis and typically affects people over the age of 40. Each foot has 26 bones and 33 joints. As we age, these connections and the surrounding cartilage wear out and break down. This form of the disease is degenerative in nature, meaning that symptoms worsen over time. As cartilage thins out, bones can end up rubbing together causing pain, inflammation, swelling and spurring in joints.

An injury can cause osteoarthritis in a joint as well as a weak or imbalanced foot structure with the big toe joint commonly affected. A flat foot with loose ligaments or a high arched foot with stiffness and rigidity are both at an increased risk for arthritis. The patients Dr. Silver sees commonly are experiencing pain, stiffness, swelling and difficulty walking or bending a joint.

Rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis

These are just two of the many metabolic conditions that Dr. Silver sees that can be quite disabling, requiring special medications to keep it under control. Dr. Silver works with several rheumatologists in the Minneapolis area who he refers patients to get their arthritis under control and they in turn refer patients to him to treat the resultant painful foot deformities that may have developed so that they can walk more comfortably.


This a common form of arthritis that can come on suddenly, attacking a joint (most commonly the big toe joint) causing intense and disabling pain. Gout can also cause kidney stones and if untreated, kidney disease. This condition is common in men between 35-50 years of age who are often overweight, with high blood pressure and a family history of gout. It’s also common in older individuals due to certain medications, especially water pills (diuretics) taken to control blood pressure or swollen feet or ankles. Call the Westwood Foot Clinic immediately if you are having an acute gout attack in your foot. We’ll work to get rid of this horrible joint pain as quickly as possible. We will then work with you (or if necessary refer you to a rheumatologist specializing in gout treatment) to hopefully prevent it from occurring in the future.

Treatment for Painful Joints

Unfortunately, there is no cure for your arthritis but you don’t need to suffer and be limited in your activities. With appropriate treatment, our patients are often able to stay active and live with much less pain. Therefore, getting treatment as early as possible is essential.

After diagnosis through physical exam, gait analysis and x-ray, Dr. Silver can determine the best course of treatment for you. This may include medications, injection therapy, prescription foot orthotics or an ankle/foot orthotics (AFO), special accommodative shoes or physical therapy. Surgery may also be necessary to alleviate pain and to keep you walking and wearing shoes comfortably.

You don’t need to suffer any longer with joint pain in your feet or ankles when Dr. Silver and the staff at the Westwood Foot Clinic can help make a difference in your life! Call today at (763) 231-2341 or request an appointment online. Same day appointments are often available.

Westwood Foot Clinic proudly serves the communities of St. Louis Park, New Hope, Plymouth, Wayzata, and Minneapolis.

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