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Corns & Calluses


Corns and Calluses are common foot problems successfully treated by Dr. Thomas Silver at the Westwood Foot Clinic in Golden Valley, MN. We are able to help many that have tried trimming, filing and applying store bought remedies to their corns and calluses with only temporary or no relief. Corns and calluses can become painful, causing difficulty wearing certain shoes comfortably or doing certain activities. They can also become as source of open sores or infection, especially in those with health or circulation problems.

Corns and calluses are areas of thick skin that form in areas of repeated friction and pressure, typically around toes and on the balls of the feet. These are typically caused by the skin getting squeezed between the bone and the ground, against another toe or against shoes.

At the Westwood Foot Clinic, we have various treatment options available to get rid of your painful corns and/or calluses and can determine the best treatment option for you. Some corns and calluses can be corrected permanently with a simple minimally invasive office procedure. For those with poor circulation, severe arthritic deformities or other health problems, treatment may consist of temporary relief on a regular basis by trimming and filing of pressure corns and calluses along with fitting of special gel cushions, pads or toe separators, well as fitting you with special shoes that are available through our clinic.

We also have special foot creams available to dissolve dry, scaly or callused skin, prevent cracking skin, and to get and keep the skin on your feet looking and feeling healthy.

If you have or someone you care about is suffering with painful corns or calluses, don’t delay treatment any longer! Click here or call the Westwood Foot Clinic in Golden Valley, MN now at (763) 231-2341 for an appointment with Dr. Thomas Silver to determine the treatment plan that can help you to walk and wear shoes more comfortably again. Same and next day appointments are often available!

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"I was thankful to find Dr. Silver at Westwood Foot Clinic. I had a number of issues with my feet, particularly very bad calluses on the bottom of one foot from running. He took care of all of my foot issues and gave me some advice as a fellow runner. He is professional, friendly, and with his years of experience - the very best. The staff and the assistants were professional and friendly. I felt welcome the minute I walked in the door. I would recommend Dr. Silver and his clinic to anyone looking for a top-notch Podiatrist."
- Michelle

Westwood Foot Clinic proudly serves the communities of St. Louis Park, New Hope, Plymouth, Wayzata, and Minneapolis.

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