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COVID-19 UPDATE: We are now able to schedule for non-emergency and routine foot care as well as elective procedures.
We have rearranged our schedule and patient volume with special disinfecting measures in place to keep you safe in our office. Please note:
1) If you are not feeling well prior to your appointment then reschedule for a later date.
2) Wear a mask in the office (Masks are available for those that may need one).
3) We request only one person accompany you to your appointment.
4) We have limited appointments available so plan ahead and schedule in advance if possible.
5) Notify us if you will be late or can't make your appointment.
We appreciate your patience and support during these trying times!
Be well, Dr. Thomas Silver

Golden Valley, MN (763) 231-2341

Diagnostic Ultrasound

diagnostic ultrasoundWe have a portable diagnostic ultrasound unit in our clinic that can easily be brought right into the treatment room to provide you with a quick evaluation &/or diagnosis to accurately treat a soft tissue problem.

Just like x-rays, that are necessary to visualize bone problems, diagnostic ultrasound is often necessary for the doctor to more accurately visualize soft tissue (i.e. muscles, tendons, ligaments and fatty tissue) problems in your feet or ankles.

Diagnostic ultrasound is often very useful for soft tissue growths, ganglions and tumors, foreign bodies (something you may have stepped on imbedded under the skin), injuries such as sprains and strains, joint pain, plantar fasciitis and neuromas (a pinched nerve between toes).

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