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Golden Valley, MN (763) 231-2341

Patient Testimonials

Google - January 2020
5 stars- I was struggling with foot pain, and was surprised and pleased to find a foot clinic in my neighborhood. And they accept my health insurance! I was even more delighted with the care and treatment I received from Dr. Silver and the friendly, courteous, helpful staff at Westwood Foot Clinic. I’ve now seen Dr. Thomas Silver for two foot issues. He diagnosed plantar fasciitis and respectfully recommended a shoe brand when I told him didn’t want to wear orthotics. My foot is now pain free due to the new shoes and some foot exercises. My husband was treated for a painful spur on his foot a few weeks ago, and last week he removed an ingrown toenail for me. My toe is now healed and pain free. My husband and I will continue to use Westwood Clinic for our foot needs and we both highly recommend Dr. Silver and the Clinic. - Francine

Google - January 2020
5 stars- After two other podiatrists who recommended surgery, Dr. Silver solved my pain from a broken bone spur and pinch nerves in both feet without surgery. And he made it happened.......without surgery or enduring a recovery period. Dr. Silver is a very knowledgeable and skilled podiatrist who has a vested interest in the outcome as well as in his patients. -Marilyn

Google - January 2020
5 stars- Great team that works very well together. Very detailed oriented. -Peggy

Google - January 2020
5 stars- Dr. Silver is very knowledgeable and friendly. If you have problems with your feet. He can help. - Erika

Google - December 2019
5 stars- I can highly recommend West Foot Clinic. Dr. Silver did a marvelous job getting rid of warts from my daughter's toe. The nurse helping him was very polite, caring and capable.We had initially gone to a pediatrician twice, who used nitrogen. It cost a lot without any result. We used a DIY nitrogen kit, special drug (salicylic acid) containing band-aids (Clear Wart) for months, we used liquid wart removal (compoundW) ...but nothing helped. Dr. Silver's service was quick, thorough, and for a very reasonable fee! It has been several months ago and not a single wart came back. - Joram

Google - December 2019
4 stars- Very nice people. Dr. Silver is very knowledgeable and knew exactly what was going on and instantly knew what needed to be done. - Dee

Google - December 2019
5 stars- Westwood Foot Clinic Provides excellent care to their patients.The staff is friendly and timely. Dr Thomas Silver is excellent and he listens to you about your foot problems and provides his best care.The orthotics that was fitted for me are a relief. It eliminated a lot of aching feet issues.Now I am able to continue a long day of work without agonizing foot pain.I would recommend Westwood Foot Clinic to anyone. - Irma

Google - November 2019
5 stars- Dr. Silver and the staff at Westwood Foot Clinic are so kind and caring. My experience was amazing and I would definitely recommend them!- Tiffany

Google - November 2019
5 stars- I’ve struggled with Plantar issues for years, finally some relief. Dr. Silver really cares and has a depth of knowledge and experience that many podiatrists don't possess. Thanks Doc!😀- Derek

Google - October 2019
5 stars- Wonderful experience!! The staff is fabulous - very helpful and kind. I would recommend this clinic to ANYONE who has any type of foot trouble. - Luanne

Google - September 2019
5 stars- This staff has many years of experience. Maybe another office could match this level of expertise, but none can surpass it. - Dale

Google - August 2019
5 stars-Dr. Silver and his staff are truly one of kind. I had 3 ingrown toenails and went to multiple places to have them removed but refused until I found Westwood foot clinic where they guided me through the procedure. I would highly recommend this place to anyone for any foot problems. - Matt

Google - August 2019
5 stars-Great Service and staff. Was able to get an appointment on relatively short notice before a trip I was taking. Doctor spent a lot of time with me to understand what was going on and my situation. Helped address pain on a short-term basis before my trip. Would recommend. - Derek

Google - July 2019
5 stars-Dr. Silver and the entire team are wonderful. Took care of an ingrown toenail and made sure my inserts were perfect. Everybody is kind and cares about the whole patient experience. I would highly recommend. - Roman

Google - July 2019
5 stars-I went in at the beginning of June to have the ingrown toenail on my big toe taken care of. I drove all the way from Iowa since Dr. Silver had done such a great job on my other big toe. The procedure was quick and painless (the numbing shots felt like flu shots). Dr. Silver sure knows his stuff! - Ryan

Google - May 2019
5 stars-This office is just awsome.a so thoughal. The doctor treats you so special. He was so good at helping me with my foot problems. I highly recommend him. Wonderful staff. - Nancy

Google - May 2019
5 stars-Dr. Silver spent quite a bit of time with me going over my foot problems. He was very thorough and explained things very well. He was able to get rid of the pain that I had been having for a few years. I have been walking without pain and have avoided surgery on my foot. I have been very happy with my experience with Dr. Silver and Westwood Foot Clinic. - Daryoosh

Google - April 2019
5 stars- Great doctor and comforting staff! They made me feel extremely comfortable. My toes are healing up great after an ingrown removal. Great choice for anyone scared to get the surgery! - Tyler

Google - March 2019
5 stars-Dr. Silver solved a chronic foot pain problem I had for over a year as well as recommending incredibly comfortable and supportive shoes to help prevent future problems with my feet, I am very grateful for his help! - Jay

Google - 2018
5 stars- Dr. Silver and staff are quite excellent. Everything about my visit made me feel comfortable. This is a great doctor. You could tell his experience was vast and he puts it to good use. Knew just what to do and how to do it all the while being very nice! Highly recommended. - Brian

Google - 2018
5 stars- I went to Dr. Silver today, and he was the kindest, funniest MD! His bedside manners made me feel so confident!!!! - Daniel

Google - 2018
5 stars- I have never in my 42 years of visiting doctors, PAs, dentists, dermatologists, eye doctors, and even the occasional emergency room have I ever had a medical professional take as much time and show as much interest in my problem (and long term condition) as Doctor Silver did. What a great experience, I very highly recommend this Doctor and his staff. Did I mention that on Friday I could barely walk and by Sunday Im walking normally again? This is what modern all medicine should be. - Aaron

Google - 2018
5 stars-I could barely walk into the office after stuffing planters fascitis in both feet for the past 2 yrs. I had seen 3 other doctors with no relief or help. Dr. Silver and his staff were great! He knew just what to do and today I am pain free just after 2 visits. I am now wearing my summer sandals on occasion and with the help of custom Orthothoics I’m back to exercising and walking normal again. - Sharron

Google - 2017
5 stars-In and out, clean space, everyone was so nice. foot is much better and healed great. I would recommend this to everyone! - Jessica

Google - 2015
5 stars-I have been visiting Dr. Silver for 10 years or so. I am diabetic and am picky about my health care. He has done a great job keeping my feet in good shape-and been quite gentle in dealing with some ingrown toenails. His team of nurses/techs are also great.

Google - 2015
5 stars-I was referred to Dr. Silver by Allina Health clinics as he was the only podiatrist available on such short notice. I'd never been to a podiatrist before, but everyone here was as caring and friendly as every doctor should be. Thank you! :) - Laura

Google - 2014
5 stars-The team at the clinic are so good at making you feel comfortable and welcome. I had complete confidence after meeting Dr Silver for the first time, that he was going to be able to fix my problem. All the staff look happy to work there, might be something to do with the soothing classical music playing! The nursing staff are kind gentle, and professional. One more thing.......... it is spotlessly clean. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Silver and his team for any foot related problem.

Google - 2013
5 stars-I've been a patient of Dr. Silver for over 20 years. During this time he has treated me for several running injuries. In each case, he got me up and running more quickly than medical doctors indicated. He diagnosed the source of the injuries very quickly and gave the exact treatment required. He also has the gentlest touch of anyone I've ever received an injection from, and this is important when the sore soft tissue at the bottom of your feet are receiving injections. Dr. Silver has also treat my wife and she is extremely satisfied.Thanks Dr. Silver for being such a great Doctor! My feet definitely appreciate it! - Abraham

08/03/16 - 5 stars - So far I am pleased- the real test will be when I get my new orthotics inserts. - Deanna

08/08/16 - 5 stars - Dr. Silver possesses a great deal of expertise in his field and effectively communicates his knowledge and insights with his patients. He is an interesting conversationalist and actively engaged in discussion of travel, walking, biking and other healthy activities. His team of assistants are kind, respectful, and attentive. The clinic itself is lovely, located at hiway 55 and Winnetka. There is ample parking and is easily accessible with an elevator taking one right to the office. - Lisa

08/17/16 - 5 stars - I went in to Westwood Foot Clinic for treatment of an ingrown toenail. I was really nervous and Dr. Silver and Stella were very reassuring and explained the procedure to me and calmed me down. The procedures was quick and painless. I even got a follow up email from Dr. Silver the night after my visit. I would recommend Dr. Silver and his team to anyone needing his services.

03/20/17 - 5 stars - Nice clinic and friendly staff - Kara

03/22/17 - 5 stars - Great - Shawn

04/27/17 - 5 stars - First time patient and my jitters were immediately calmed by the entire staff. Wonderful crew and Dr. Silver was extra kind and gentle. So glad I found them! All my needs were met and then some??? - Mary

04/29/17 - 4 stars - Doctor is very nice. Long wait, however. - Marcia

05/28/17 - 5 stars - I liked the services of Westwood foot clinic when I visited them. I had a strange growth on my right foot. I thought that was a plantar wart. It turned out to be something called Peduculated Skin Cyst. It was removed in under one hour from the time I walked in. That was done with ease and precision and with a friendly collegial manner. My problem of over 5 years was gone right then and there. What more could I ask! Thank the doctor again - Adam

01/16/18 - 5 stars - Prior to my appointment with Dr. Silver, I visited with two other foot doctors to evaluate the problem with my feet. Both foot doctors recommended surgery which was based only...by feeling of my feet. Dr. Silver did a thorough evaluation by x rays, observing me walking, check the length of my legs, plus checking the curvature of my back before he made a recommendation. I was thoroughly impressed with his commitment to evaluate my foot problem. - Marilyn S.

02/16/18 - 5 stars - Perfect job - Tatsiana

02/15/18 - 5 stars - Great staff. Addressed my concerns. Dr. Silver is very personable. I recommend this clinic. 

04/14/18 What can I say, I feel so lucky I chose Westwood from the beginning. Dr. Silver and everyone working there were amazed me of their hospitality and professional. This place has build a very strong credibility with every customers that including myself. Beside the discount they kindly given to me based on I am a college student, they also give me free recheck after my foot treatment. What you can get from Westwood is not just a "treatment" but "they will make sure you will be all good treatment".

04/14/18 Very nice people there. Thorough and explained everything.

04/12/18 The doctor and staff were very professional and treated me as a valued customer. I will definitely go back for additional treatment and consultation.

4/10/18 - 5 stars - Really listened to me and was friendly and thorough! - Kathryn

4/10/18 - 5 stars - The staff is amazing I would recommend them to everyone I know. Thank you #1 doctor??? - Janey

1/24/17 - 5 stars - I absolutely loved the clinic- the staff is very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Dr. Silver is the first podiatrist who took time to look at my foot problems from different angles, not just shrug and say “ What do you expect at your age and in your condition?”. I can’t say that my problems are gone, but we are looking for solutions. I can also commend the quality of inserts and orthopedic shoes I ordered through the clinic and the speed of the completion of orders. - Elena

1/24/17 - 5 stars - Dr. Silver and the staff have successfully treated my foot neuropathies which many other doctors, including neurologists, have been unable to treat. I am experiencing significant pain relief and improvement. I enjoy working with Dr. Silver, whose compassion and patience are second to no other doctor in my experience. He and the staff have worked happily and diligently with me to find the most successful modes of treatment for my disorder. They are agreeable to my suggestions and take me into consideration as a “whole patient” as they apply their therapy. I feel cared about as an individual and know that Dr. Silver’s expertise is reliable and comforting. I am most satisfied and recommend Westwood Foot Clinic without hesitation to anyone needing podiatric care.- Dr. Clark Evans

12/17/17 - 5 stars - My toe nails were in bad need of attention and a large toe had nail that needed some extra all was done in a fast way. - Leanard

12/05/17 - 4 stars - Clark and I had a very good experience and we would recommend this clinic to others. We really liked the personnel and Dr. Silver, they were all caring and encouraging. We will all come back when Clark gets better from his stroke. - Linda

12/04/17 - 5 stars - Any foot issues make sure to get an appointment at the Westwood Foot Clinic. They do a fantastic job. - Robert

12/04/17 - 4 stars - I am not authorizing my name on line. - Pete

12/01/17 - 5 stars - Incredible, even received a follow up email from Dr. Silver to check on my foot pain after our visit. In today’s world I don’t think doctors do that often, and it was appreciated.

11/30/17 - 5 stars - I had a good experience at the Foot Clinic. The nurse was respectful of my request of not cutting the insoles. The Dr. showed he cared and he did a good job at “treating” my condition. Thank you. - Margaret

11/30/17 - 5 stars - Experience was great, personnel was very knowledgeable, competent, and friendly. - Carl

11/30/17 - 5 stars - Every aspect of my experience with Dr. Silver and the staff at Westwood Foot Clinic has been wonderful. My custom fit orthotics got my back to playing the sports I enjoy. Thank you. - Cory

11/30/17 - 5 stars - Fantastic! Feels like a family. - Heather

11/30/17 - 5 stars - I was extremely happy with the care I received at the clinic, both from the Doctor and his staff. I never felt rushed,, and everyone made sure I was happy with my treatments. Everything has healed well, and I have given the name of the clinic and Doctor to several friends and family members in case they need assistance for their feet in the future.

10/14/17- 5 stars - The doctor was fantastic. My problem was accurately was diagnosed and he gave great recommendations on how to resolve it. Unfortunately the business woman was quite rude. I had switched insurance companies, and although I was covered my number wasn’t recognized due to the timing. Because of this she was quite rude and short with me. Her judgemental behavior wasn’t necessary, and I’m hopeful she doesn’t treat other customers in this manner. - Brenda

08/09/17 - 5 stars - Nice people made me feel better on my first visit. - Pat

07/26/17 - 5 stars - I have found Westwood Foot Clinic and Dr. Silver & his staff to be very professional and patient oriented. I am very pleased with the attention they have given me during my visits. I have never felt rushed- Dr. Silver takes his time with patients- and he thoroughly explains his treatments 7 reasons. He is very personable and caring- great bedside manner. I appreciate the attention after several poor experiences with other podiatrists. I am very happy I found him. - Joseph

07/14/17 - 5 stars - Dr. Silver was great. He not only listened to me he talked with me and came up with a plan to fix the problem. Highly recommended. - David

07/12/17 - 5 stars - Everyone was very kind and the procedure that was done went well and the results are excellent. - Louise

03/20/17 - 5 stars - Dr. Silver was very helpful and professional. The staff was wonderful too. They made me feel comfortable and the process easy to get me well again. - Arisha

03/20/17 - 5 stars - I had a wonderful experience. Dr. Silver was very thorough reviewing my x-ray and making suggestions to correct my foot problem. He answered all of my questions and my axieties. He also made adjustments to my orthotics from a different podiatrist. He took the time to go to several websites to show me appropriate foot ware to wear. Very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, easy to talk to, great customer service. I would definitely recommend family and friends dealing with feet issues. - Evelyn

01/30/17 - 5 stars - I had an amazing experience throughout my initial apt and till I received my orthotics. The staff is very friendly and personable, and the doctor is proficient and knowledgeable about feet! I have never felt more listened to and felt as though my apts were tailored to my needs and requests. - Jazmin

01/25/17 - 5 stars - Professional. Dr. Silver gave thorough exam and explained why my feet hurt and what I could do about it! - Laura

01/24/17 - 5 stars - I absolutely loved the clinic- the staff is very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Dr. Silver is the first podiatrist who took time to look at my foot problems from different angles, not just shrug and say” What do you expect at your age and in your condition?” I can’t say that my problems are…

12/23/16 - 5 stars - My experience with Westwood was rated highest (5 star). I neglected my feet for several years and they cleaned and trimmed them perfectly. - Dale

12/20/16 - 4 stars - I appreciated the amount of time that Dr. Silver spent with me. And, so far, my orthotics continue to improve the pain I had been experiencing. I hope I continue to improve and, with time, begin running again. Thank you! - Ted

12/17/16 - 5 stars - The clinic staff was friendly, helpful, and accommodating. Dr. Silver was very prompt, warm, and did not make the appointment feel rushed. He treated me as an individual and made me feel as if he took my concerns seriously. I would highly recommend Westwood Foot Clinic and will definitely return in the future. - Elana

12/16/16 - 5 stars - What a fabulous group of people. Reception is warm and welcoming, everyone is extremely competent, and the attention to my personal situation and detail by the doc is wonderful. First time I got shoes and orthotics that really fit. I will look forward to every appointment. - Gabrielson

09/30/16 - 5 stars - I was very satisfied with my visit to Westlake Foot Clinic. - Michael

09/19/16 - 5 stars - Amazing professionlism, warmth, expertise, friendliness and would recommend to everyone. This is a practice that reminds us what medicine/health care should be. - Christine

08/24/16 - 5 stars - Exceeded my expectations. - William

08/21/16 - 5 stars - Great team, warm environment, professional and knowledgeable doctor and his staff. The procedures was expalined and post op instructions were given. Thank you! - Benjamin

08/17/16 - 4 stars - The staff was very nice and did a good job! - Robert

07/27/16 - 5 stars - The office got me in the same day I called, which was much appreciated since I was getting ready to leave for vacation and didn’t want to have to wait. The medical assistant and the doctor were both very friendly and caring. I’d definitely recommend to a friend in need.

07/12/16 - 5 stars - Excellent service! Arrived from out of town. Was early, but they slipped me in and took prime care of me. Dissolved my spurs I was having a problem with and gave me advice on taking care of sprained ankle. - Jacqueline

07/08/16 - 5 stars - Exceeded expectations! - Jesse

07/05/16 - 5 stars - My first visit. I was made to feel welcome. Thank you for the call reminding me of my appointment. This is important to seniors. - Jeri

07/05/16 - 5 stars - I was having a procedures that I was really scared about done to my foot. I was really cared for and I had the option to look at it being done and the doctor walked me through the whole thing. Explaining the condition of my foot and how it would heal etc. There’s great service here, everybody has a positive attitude. It made the procedure a lot easier to go through.

06/15/16 - 5 stars - Enjoyed my first experience and diagnosis. Am look forward to correcting my foot (both feet problems.) Best regards. - Jim

06/15/16 - 5 stars - I had an ingrown toenail and it was taken care of quickly with little discomfort. All the physicians were very friendly and helpful. - Matthew

06/12/16 - 5 stars - I had a pleasant experience with Dr. Silver and his staff in dealing with a dehabilitating gout issues. Dr. Silver was thorough, attentive, and caring throughout the entire process from exam through follow-up. - Dan

06/02/16 - 5 stars - I struggled with plantar fasciitis in one foot for two years, so severe at times I couldn’t walk. I had been to my physician, a podiatrist, physical therapist, and acupuncturist. I’ve had an MRI, custom made shoe inserts, cortizone shots, boot that I slept with, rolled my foot on frozen bottles, done special exercises, had Graston treatments, ultrasound therapy, acupuncture, special taping of my foot, etc...and could not defeat the problem UNTIL I went to Dr. Silver at Westwood Foot Clinic. He studied the mechanics of my walk and crafted orthotics that he tweaked over time. Over the course of a few months, I became pain free. This past winter, I returned to playing basketball, and by late spring my other foot had developed plantar fasciitis! I’m returning to Dr. Silver; I’m confident he can help me. - Timothy

05/27/16 - 5 stars - Dr. Silver was very thorough and explained everything in detail. Thank you! - Alana

5/13/16 - 5 stars - I was very impressed with my experience with Westwood Foot Clinic. I had never had a foot care experience like that one! From the staff to the Doctor, everyone was very pleasant and helpful. I am looking forward to my return visits! - Lauren

5/5/16 - 5 stars - It was a great visit. I was referred by a friend and I will now be sending my mother-in-law over also. Tom was more knowledgeable , to the point, and thorough in his exam than the podiatrist I “used” to see. - Rickey

4/16/16 - 5 stars - I was thankful to find Dr. Silver at Westwood Foot Clinic. I had a number of issues with my feet, particularly very bad calluses on the bottom of one foot from running. He took care of all my foot issues and gave me some advice as a fellow runner. He is professional, friendly, and with his years of experience- the very best. The staff and the assistants were professional and friendly. I felt welcome the minute I walked in the door. I would recommend Dr. Silver and his clinic to anyone looking for a top notch Podiatrist - Michelle

3/23/16 - 5 stars - I had my first podiatrist appointment ever this week with Dr. Silver. He is clearly very knowledgeable about feet, and took the time to analyze what was causing the problem. He explained to me in terms I could understand and he has a very calm demeanor. I would definitely recommend him.

3/10/16 - 5 stars - The receptionist, Tina, was cordial and professional and Dr. Silver did a grat job of taking away the pain of walking and offering some strategies to avoid future problems. - Rick

2/25/16 - 5 stars - Dr. Silver and the staff are the best! Will always refer to them???- Lyn

2/25/16 - 5 stars - The doctor and staff were kind, patient, and very helpful. Best experience I had at a doctor’s office in a long time!-Demond S.

2/25/16 - 5 stars - Great customer service. Very attentive. - Elena

2/24/16 - 5 stars - Fast and easy surgery! Staff are extremely nice! I would recommend Westwood Foot Clinic to everyone!

2/18/16 - 5 stars - My experience was great. I was treated very nice by everyone. The foot massage was an extra perk. Dr. Silver was very thorough. I would highly recommend the Westwood Foot Clinic to everyone. - Mary

2/10/16 - 5 stars - Very positive- very professional - David

2/10/16 - 4 stars - Visit was thorough and comprehensive. Felt that Dr. Silver rally understood my issues and was willing to address them. - Stephanie

1/08/16 - A good experience. Staff were great and all of my foot needs were clearly addressed. - Carol

12/28/15 - 5 stars - The nurses and Dr. made me feel very comfortable and helped me understand my issues. - Melissa

12/26/15 - 5 stars - Well I’m really still in like a Wow situation. Didn’t think that my feet where gonna need surgery??? I just want the well! And??? That everything gose well! - James

12/17/15 - 5 stars - My experience was excellent. Victoria did exactly what needed to be done which was to trim my toenails since I am so far from them and don’t see too well. Dr. Silver finished the event, sort of like frosting on the cake. I’ll be back in April upon my return from Arizona. I’ll try not to ignore the nails until then. - Pete

12/10/15 - 5 stars - Excellent! - Emeka

11/21/15 - 5 stars - Friendly helpful spent time explaining about my dad’s feet. My dad’s are so much better now. I liked that they confirmed my appt. Shoes I ordered on 3 days! Thanks - Susan

11/09/15 - 5 stars - My experience with this clinic was absolutely wonderful! Staff was very kind and respectful to me. Dr. Silver is a great doctor! Special thanks to his staff, Stella and Victoria! - Rita

11/07/15 - 5 stars - The staff was very welcoming and friendly. Dr. Silver talked me through the whole procedure several times which made me feel very comfortable and safe. I would recommend anyone who is looking for an excellent podiatrist team to work with Westwood Foot Clinic! - Erin

11/07/15 - 4 stars - Great staff. Expert doctors would go back again. - Reed

11/04/15 - 5 stars - Very professional atmosphere at the clinic! Friendly environment, knowledgeable employees, x-ray lab/staff very up-to-date. Dr. Silver was thorough in my exam and explained everything so carefully. I look forward to the experience of having my foot surgery as I know I am in good hands. - Rosemary

10/22/15 - 5 stars - Extremely good service. Dr. Thomas is very friendly and smart. He suggested very good points. I was taken care very well during the procedures. I am super glad I found this place. - Savi K.

10/19/15 - 5 stars - Dr. Silver is exceptional! I have to say I recommend him for all your foot care needs!! - Jeff

10/19/15 - 5 stars - You guys have great service. Thanks. - Darren

10/01/15 - 5 stars - Dr. Thomas E Silver is not a regular, average specialist doctor. He is super genius doctor. All I can say is, I am very proud to be treated by him. - Ethiopiawiwi

10/01/15 - 5 stars - I have visited, treated, and served in more than 40 clinics and hospitals in my life. Without a doubt, I put Westwood Foot Clinic number one. All the workers in there are super nice. The specialist doctor is a super genius doctor. - Wasyihun

09/15/15 - 5 stars - Such a professional, skilled, and caring staff. Thank you. - Janet R.

10/21/15 - 5 stars - Always good. I always feel better when I leave. - James

9/15/15 - 5 stars - Such a professional, skilled, and caring staff. Thank you. - Janet

9/15/15 - 4 stars - Very nice people and good service - Millecent

8/28/15 - 4 stars - The doctor was friendly and put me at ease as he performed the procedures. The office was clean and the nurse assistant was kind and professional. I was given information for care of my feet at home, and was supplied with the necessary bandages. - Karen

8/01/15 - 5 stars - Great service! Awesome friendly staff! And the provider took the time he needed with me and ai felt that all my questions were answered.- Kristine

7//30/15 - 5 stars - Friendly, supportive staff gave awesome service for a large plantar wart on the ball of my foot. Doctor Silver made excision as painless as possible. 2 days after treatment and foot feels great, well on my way to healing. Highly recommend Westwood Foot Clinic where they know how to treat feet. - David

7/27/15 - 5 stars - Excellent service - Jose

7/25/15 - 5 stars - My experience was very good. Dr. Silver spent a lot of time with me and explained about the new brace and a procedure to help the pain to go away. I already have 2 braces and I’m concerned about getting a new one. I have weakness in my legs. In fact, I fell on Friday outside and went straight to the ground. Would the brace help with the weakness in my legs? - Susan

7/15/15 - 4 stars - Appointment started a little late and I had taken off a substantial amount of work to get there on time, but enjoyed talking with Dr. Silver and having a thorough examination. Really appreciated the team’s care and concern for my well-being. It’s difficult to feel “heard” at most doctor appointments. Thank you! - Jennifer

7/14/15 - 5 stars - Very open and friendly staff, wonderful experience for a first impression. - Tina

7/11/15 - 5 stars - My experience was delightful! Everyone in the clinic had a smile on their faces. It was a very warm welcoming environment!

7/08/15 - 5 stars - The staff treats you like family, and are so understanding and helpful. There is nothing worse than when you have sever pain in your feet, & with Dr. Silver’s many years of knowledge & expertise, you will not be dissatisfied. Thank you again for giving me back pain free feet!! - Jill

7/02/15 - 5 stars - I’m not a hospital or clinic lover but this place was a nice layer back area! I came in and got taken care of and ready for the Doctor to see me. And to be honest the Doctor came in quickly and did everything quickly and entertaining by actually teaching me some things about my body and feet! If I where learning for this career I’d suggest this one Doctor as a great teacher. Otherwise it was great went in and out and if I ever need anything I’d come back here again! Thank you! - Veniamin

06/21/15 - 5 stars - From the very first contact, I received professional and personal attention! My toe is healthy again! - James

06/21/15 - 5 stars - Very caring and professional first experience. I found you on the internet because you listed a variety of foot problems you treat and I found my possible diagnosis. Appointment felt unhurried and thorough. I had out of town house guests and the shot of cortisone plus the little pad under the arch have meant that I have had no pain in that foot and can care for our guests as I would want to. Thank you, all of you! - Beverly

06/09/15 - 5 stars - The procedures was quick, the service was friendly and attentive. Dr. Silver was prompt, knowledgeable and delicate. My experience went as smooth as the bottom of my foot! - Adrian

06/14/15 - 5 stars - Dr. Silver is a great person and everyone on his team are great and remain professional at all times.. I like the clinic and everyone who keeps it running… Thank you all for your services because a body is weak with out its foundation the feet. Thank you. - Denita

06/11/15 - 5 stars - Always get me in on time. Take care of my problem correctly, and nice people. - Harris

06/04/15 - 5 stars - Excellent - Helena

05/29/15 - A delightful hour getting my feet back in shape! - Nancy

05/20/15 - Staff was not only ver kind and respectful to me, but every client that walked through the door! - Chad

05/16/15 - 5 stars - Dr. Tom Silver greatly reviewed my ability to walk. The surgery was painful; the recovery has been painful, but I am finally starting to walk normally. The wound was very deep and I will need to continue caring for the injury. Many thanks for the Westwood Foot Clinic staff! - Terence

05/15/15 - 5 stars - We came today to have my mother fit for new shoes and an orthotic brace. As usual, everyone in the office was friendly and available. My mother has been treated by Dr. Silver and staff for many years. I can not say enough about the kind, caring, and professional manner everyone provides in this office. We love coming here! My husband has also seen Dr. Silver and has had his orthotics made here, also experiencing exceptional care. - Sheila

05/08/15 - 5 stars - Very professional. Staff is not only excellent in their job but really cares about you. Have been going to Dr. Silver for many years and he is excellent! - Howard

05/08/15 - 5 stars - Very professional and caring staff. - Gennady

05/07/15 - 5 stars - My experience with this clinic absolutely wonderful! All staff is very professional and caring. I had a procedures done (ingrown toenail) by Dr. Silver. I was nervous about pain, but the way it was done was pain free. I would recommend this clinic to all my friends! - Zhanna

05/03/15 - 5 stars - Removed large toe nail and took x -rays for arthritis in my feet. - Rita

05/01/15 - You have always taken care of me, and I’ve had a great experience with good results. Thank you very much.- Jill

04/30/15 - 4 stars - From Shealth and yuk to clean deep maroon healing toe sore in one office visit, better than M.D. prescription as Medicine is stronger directly on wound. Very satisfied D.P.M. is very personable and treats far worse on walk -in basis. - Thomas

04/39/15 - 4 stars - I am unclear as to follow -up. Another appointment? Call if things don’t get better? Not sure about that. Otherwise everything was perfection. Thank you. - Marta

04/25/15 - 4 stars - Everyone was very friendly and helpful! - Jeanne

4/22/15 - 5 stars - Great experience! Thorough review of problem and hx. Dr took the time to listen and assess my pain. I was thrilled with the results and I didn’t even have to wear a boot! - Julie


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